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FIT 39 GLOVE- Pink Heart

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INTRODUCING "FIT39 Golf Glove" - Arguably the BEST All Weather Glove? ! ! !
No More Sweaty Palms!!
Fit 39 Gloves
The FIT39 is designed to fit almost any hand by employing a special multi-directional stretch material and seams made using a new system.
Stop Press - Over 3,000,000 gloves sold in over 30 countries worldwide
Key features of the FIT39 glove:
Fits snugly, regardless of the position or movement of the hand.
Maintains a powerful grip and supports the hand firmly, even after extended use.
Absorbs perspiration and dries quickly, preventing hands from becoming uncomfortably damp.
Practically waterproof as well as being nonslip.
Does not fade and therefore is washable.
Durable and long lasting.
Say goodbye to MOLDY & SMELLY gloves!! 

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