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Line M up kit

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The golf ball alignment marker provides multiple marking options allowing you to sink more putts, hit more fairways and save strokes instantly. A mini-Sharpie marker can be attached directly to your key ring or bag. Very convenient, NO searching around for lost markers. 

- Sink more Putts, Hit more fairways and Save Strokes 
- Improves Aim, Stroke and Green Reading Abilities 
- Multiple Marking Option 
- Snaps onto ball and self centers for straight and accurate marking 

Used as a Playing Aid... 
The Line-M-Up Pro conforms to USGA Rules and is legal in competition to help you align your putts and tee shots to improve your score. 

Used as a Training Aid... 
The Line-M-Up Pro gives you a visual guide when putting. When a good stroke is made, the line on the ball appears straight as it rolls. When poorly struck, the line will appear to wobble.
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